Oct 172014
open_enrollment-200x230The Company failed to notify the Union that they were changing the names of the negotiated Company plans. As a consequence, those who are currently on the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO or HCN plans for 2014 are questioning if these plans have gone away. The answer is no, however the internal names that the company was using for those plans have changed; for 2015 they will be called the Midwest HCN or the Midwest PPO. However, these are the same Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois plans that were negotiated in 2012 bargaining – only the names are changed.
The significant changes for 2015 is the monthly premiums have increased as well as the out of pocket maximums are higher as outlined in the contract.
There are also rumors in the field regarding spousal contributions and monthly increases for medical plans for smokers.  This is not true for bargained-for employees.  It is our understanding that the Company has made significant changes to non-bargained and management plans and that only those employees are  effected by the above.
All members are encouraged to review, complete and print a copy of your 2015 Annual Enrollment elections. The printed copy will be the only way to rectify any Company mistakes on your health coverage.
The Hewitt website can be accessed through HR one stop or from home at http://resources.hewitt.com/att.
If there are any questions please feel free to call the hall and speak to your benefit representative.
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