Oct 182012
As many of know, about two weeks ago on October 4, Prem Techs in Michigan rose up in a spontaneous job action and walked off the job to protest the Company’s slow and brazenly disrespectful implementation of seniority scheduling in Uverse. As all of you know, seniority scheduling in Uverse was one of the top bargaining demands during this year’s stormy bargaining; and, many of our members lead, and/or participated in, several mobilizations to get it.

United We Stand!

The job-action that hundreds of Prem Techs participated in earlier this month caused the Company to eventually sue for peace by calling the International and asking for negotiations on this matter. But, not before dozens of our own and Holland Local 4035 Prem Techs who were united enough to stand together and take a day of suspension for this cause. We believe this disciplinary action on the part of the Company was unjust and even illegal under Federal labor law. We are engaged with the Company and the National Labor Relations Board in an attempt to get them made whole. This will be a lengthy process, but I think I can safely say that we are good at fighting!

Below, see the progress note from the International on the seniority-schedule negotiations. It is all the information I have for now, and I will continue to update as new information comes in. In the meantime, if you know a Prem Tech, or see one at work, shake their hand — what they did took some guts and was very old-school…
A word of warning: Standing shoulder-to-shoulder for what is right can be addictive..
From the International:

TO: AT&T LOCALS 10-17-12


On October 15 and 16, District representatives, the premises tech committee, and premises techs representing each state met with AT&T management to work on addressing issues relating to scheduling and the implementation of our negotiated seniority scheduling provision for members represented in Appendix F. 

Our goals for the meeting were as follows: 

  • To insure that seniority was respected in all applicable preferential schedule selections.
  • To work with the company to create simplified and stable schedules that would improve the quality of life for technicians fostering consistency by limiting rotations and addressing length of tours.
  • To address the issues above while meeting the company’s desired daily personnel parameters. 

After reviewing many examples of schedule templates provided by locals across the district, the union provided an example template to the company we feel addressed the concerns of our premises techs, adhered to the terms of our agreement (guaranteed weekends), and simplified administration for both the union and the company. 

By the close of the meeting, management agreed to take the example we provided and run it through their system to look for any issues that may arise. During that process, it was agreed that daily communication between management and the union would take place if/when issues crop up so they can be addressed in “real time”. It was agreed that two (2) weeks would be ample time to address our mutual issues. 

I will inform locals of any developments during this time period.

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