Dec 192014

Christmas-RaffleWOW!!  Our Lead Stewards and helpers were able to collect $1400 in raffle ticket sales.  Which means that:

Our Lucky Winner: Dionje Evans, UVERSE Manager, Won:  $700.00

Feeding America, West Michigan will get $350.00 from the raffle and Mid Michigan Food Bank will get $350.00 from the raffle.

Dionje graciously donated $350.00 of his winnings back to the cause, so another $175.00 to each organization.

In addition to that our Grand Rapids Retirees Club donated $400.00 from their treasury so each organization will get an extra $200.00 from them.

And, that’s still not all.  Our Layout and Design Group held a bake sale which raised another $206.00 and we received $10.00 in donations from others giving a grand total of: $833.00 to each worthy organization at a time when they can really use it.  We also received canned goods that will be distributed accordingly.

Grand Rapids Design Layout members donate to local charities.

Grand Rapids Design Layout members donate to local charities.

The Officers and Staff of Local 4034 would like to thank each and everyone of you that participated in our 2014 Holiday Giving Program.  We most certainly are: The Community Minded Union!!!!

Happy Holidays to your and yours.

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  1. Wow, very nice job! It is awesome how much the CWA Local 4034 really does care about community! Their is no better group to work with, than you all.Thank You each and every one of you for what you do every day!

    Happy Holiday’s,

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