Mar 262015

United We Stand!

Dear Local 4034 Member,

Your Strike Authorization Vote and voting instructions are in the mail. Most of you should receive them by Friday, March 27th. Please read both pages carefully. Your ballots have to be back via U.S. mail no later than Monday, April 6th. They will be counted on Tuesday April 7th with the results going to the District Office to be added to the rest of the Midwest totals. If they come in after April 6th they will not be counted, so time is of the essence! To be safe you should mail them on or before April 3rd (next Friday).

You should also know and share with your co-workers that if we actually do go out on strike, Local 4034 has a strike fund that will be used to match the International’s Defense Fund of $200 per week, per striker, beginning on the 15th day of a strike and $300 per week per striker beginning on the 29th day of a strike as long as funds are available. In simple terms, as long as the Local strike fund is viable you will get $400 per week, starting on the 15th day and $600 per week starting on the 29th day of a strike. If and when the Local strike fund is exhausted, the CWA International Defense Fund will still be in effect.

Remember, a strong Strike Vote shows we are united in our effort to secure a good contract for ourselves and our families. It is a powerful message of support for your bargaining committee.

United We Bargain, Divided We Beg!

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  1. You do know that Management reads these e-mails also.

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