Nov 062012

Well that day is finally here, we have endured though 10’s of Millions of Dollars in Corporate Special Interest money, attacking Working People. But it is finally the time to strike back by voting Yes on Proposal 12-2, Yes to Collective Bargaining, Yes to a better future and Yes to Safer Workplaces for us and our Community. 

So make sure to vote the Partisan side of the ballot, then make sure to vote for the

Supreme Court Judges:

Shelia Johnson

Connie Kelly

Bridget McCormack

On the Ballot Proposals:

Proposal 1: Vote NO on the Emergency Manager Law

Proposal 2: Vote YES to Protect Working Families and Collective Bargaining

Proposal 3: The AFL-CIO has no position, while the UAW and some others are a Yes on 3, the Michigan Building and Construction Trades along with Utility Workers are a No on 3.

Proposal 4: YES To Keep Home Care Safe

Proposal 5: NO for Super Majority Vote on Taxes

Proposal 6: NO For having a public vote on new International Bridges or Tunnels

Not sure where you need to vote at or would like to look at a sample Ballot, Look HERE


Whatever you do today, Please remember to take time to VOTE, polls are open 7am till 8pm.

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