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Do NOT “do nothing!” Go to the website and complete your benefit enrollment!

When finished, PRINT OUT your confirmation of benefits! This is your proof of your choices come January 2013 after the Company screws things up!

Annual Enrollment for active members will start November 5, 2012 through November 16, 2012. As in the past this enrollment period will be paperless and it is mandatory that you utilize the website www.resources.hewitt.com/att or call the benefit center at 877-722-0020 to enroll for 2013 benefits. As you know there have been significant changes to our 2013 benefits. Below is a brief summary for the Companysponsored plans; however at the time of this writing I do not have any details to any HMO offerings. Therefore it is important for each and every one of us to go over benefit options for 2013. 

Medical Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO/NON PPO

  • Monthly premium

    Individual: $38

    Family: $81

  • There is an upfront deductible for In-Network/PPO providers:

    Single: $500

    Family: $1000

  • The upfront deductible for Non-Network/Non PPO providers:

    Single: $1300

    Family: $2600

  • Therefore for the richest benefits it is always beneficial to see an In-Network/PPO provider when available.
  • The BC/BS ONA (out of network area) is still an available option if your zip code does not meet the standard criteria of negotiated standards in your zip code, if this is an option for you it will be listed in your annual enrollment material.
  • Once the deductible has been met than there will be a 10% coinsurance for In-Network/PPO and 40% Non-Network/Non PPO until you have met your annual out of pocket expense:
  • In-Network/PPO:

    Single: $1500

    Family: $3000

  • Non-Network/Non PPO:

    Single: $4500

    Family: $9000

  • Again it is beneficial to see an In-Network/PPO provider when available.

RX – Caremark/CVS

  • The co-pays have remained the same for 2013 with no increase. 

Dental – Cigna

  • Improvements in the dental plan from a fixed schedule plan to a Usual and Customary charge based plan will provide a much higher level of benefits for members including higher annual maximums of $1750.00 In-Network and $1300.00 Non-Network, as well as higher lifetime maximums for orthodontia of $2000.00 In-Network and $1400.00 Non-Network.
  • Monthly premiums are:
    Individual: $3.00Individual +1 $9.00Family $16.00
  • Although we have never had a monthly premium for dental this is a small amount for the richer dental benefit.
  • Deductible:
    There is a $25.00 deductible which is waived for diagnostic/preventable which is covered at 100%. This is considered Class 1 Procedures.Class 2 is Basic restorative which will be covered at 90% In-Network and 70% Non-Network of Usual and Customary after the deductible has been met.Class 3 is Major restorative which will be covered at 80% In-Network and 50% Non-Network after the deductible has been met.
  • ONA there will be an ONA (out of network area) option available for the members who live in a zip code which does not meet network standards.

You will be automatically enrolled at the same level of dental coverage (i.e. single, family, etc.) as you were in 2012. If your status has changed, you will need to correct that on the website! Example: Was enrolled in Cigna under “Family” in 2012 but are now divorced. Your coverage must be adjusted to “Single” during annual enrollment or you will be paying Family premiums.

VISION- Eyemed

  • No change from the current plan, rates not available at the time of this writing. 


  • No change from current plan. If you are increasing the insured amount, it will require an evidence of insurability
  • Beware! The website in this section will default you to “Smoker.” This is very expensive! If you are not a smoker, you have to change the setting to non-smoker to get the lower monthly rate. 

FSA- Flexible Spending Account administered by SHPS

  • IRS guidelines are followed as they have been in the past. This is an account where you can have pre-tax monies withdrawn from your paycheck and when you incur out of pocket expenses for medical, dental or vision (as determined by the IRS guidelines) you can submit for reimbursement. In addition a separate FSA account can be established for dependent care. 

HRA (administered by SHPS)

  • Employees with existing balances will retain those balances and they will remain available for eligible medical expenses. Additional HRA monies will be made available through our success sharing plan as outlined in our Collective Bargaining Agreement. 


  • Will be treated as active employees for the term of the contract and will participate in the same plans as active employees with the same contribution levels and benefit levels as active employees. At the termination date of this contract, employees that retired during the term of the agreement will be treated as existing current retirees with the same plans, at the same levels, as current retirees. 

This is just a brief synopsis of our 2013 benefits and all are encouraged to engage in Annual Enrollment so you don’t have any surprises come January 2013. If you have questions, please call the hall. Our Benefit Rep will try to make her schedule available on a first come serve basis during our enrollment period.



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