Sep 152015

LyingFingersCross_I_swearYou might be aware, especially in Uverse, that the company has devised a digital business card and app for Premises Technicians. The app is capable of forwarding the card, including the technician’s photo, to a customer prior to arriving on the job. The company has begun training on the digital businesscard and its use.

We went to the company to ask for more details and express our concern over the possible negative effects that this could have on our members, such as identity theft. We were informed that it was strictly voluntary, but this still did not address our concerns.

We have heard that there are some managers trying to portray this as being mandatory, but it is completely VOLUNTARY. So, let your steward know if you are having any issues with managers saying that it is mandatory and if the ones that were misled are having any issues with stopping their participation in the program. We will take immediate action

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