Mar 112015

4034-logoAT&T JUMPED into the security business with Digital Life but in bargaining DUMPED security for their employee’s life…specifically JOB SECURITY and FINANCIAL SECURITY.

On Tuesday, the Company followed up their disrespectful benefits proposal by taking a carving knife to the heart of our job security.  Their proposals would slice pay protection provisions from Article 26 and eliminate Employment Security Commitment, Extended Employment Opportunity, and Pooling of Titles MOA’s.  Clearly, the Company is more interested in the flexibility to let go of employees rather than the “World Class Customer Experience” our members provide… or preparing them for the “jobs of the future” they keep telling us about.

Today, the bargaining team countered the Company’s benefit proposal with a plan that protects our health care and focuses on cost efficiency not simply cost shifting.  The bargaining committee is committed to protecting and improving healthcare benefits for active and retired members.

This afternoon, the Company presented their proposal for Appendix F.  In a nutshell:  more duties, less economic protection,  NO RESPECT…

Today, the bargaining team turned their backs to the proposals that lack respect in people.  They’ll be back at the table tomorrow to continue the fight for a fair agreement!

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  1. Thanks for all you are doing and stay strong!! As a retiree I will walk the picket line for all of us..current, futureamd retirees. A proud member of CWA 4108.

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