Mar 252015

4034-logoToday the bargaining team laid out responses to many of the Company’s retrogressive proposals.

The majority of the bargaining committee’s proposals look to prepare and protect our members for technological changes and the Company’s future business endeavors.  Upgrading members currently holding titles contained in Appendix F, as well as others within the core agreement, were proposed by the Committee to better align them with the work they’ve been performing.  Supporting that approach, the committee worked on continuing to improve the provisions of Appendix F, which we believe could be populated by future members performing work such as Direct TV or Digital life.

The bargaining team further worked to protect our members by proposing watermark and no lay-off language, as well as protecting and enhancing current Article 26 language and related MOA’s.

The team is digging in their heels and preparing for what looks to be a major fight!

MOBILIZATION:  Locals should be utilizing their mobilization networks to prepare for the fight as well!  All locals should be getting their strike vote results in as soon as possible and preparing their members for the likeliness of one. Additionally, locals should be working on picket duty assignments and arrangements for the Defense Fund.

It goes without saying; each Local should be mobilizing every day to show the Company we are serious about fighting for what is important to us.


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  1. Thanks for all the work, guys and gals….Keep your chins up..

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