Apr 052015

website-under-constructionIt appears it is easier for the U.S. to strike an arms deal with Iran than it is to get a fair agreement with AT&T.

With only a week until contract expiration, we are still miles apart on many of our major issues. The bargaining team continues in its uphill battle; not only trying to improve contract language, but fighting every day to retain our current provisions.

While the company argues their proposals are preparing them for the future, they are trying to set our contract back ten years in doing so.  What AT&T sees as necessities for “flexibility” in reality means the members would take it on the chin with fewer protections, watered down language, and more costs to our members.

Your bargaining team will not back down; the membership needs to let management know they will not back down either!

During the next seven days, it is imperative our locals ramp up their mobilizations and make sure all preparations for the inevitable are squared away.


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