Apr 092015

Yesterday, our local presidents participated on a call with D4 Vice-President Linda Hinton and the Midwest bargaining team.

The call opened with a few words from VP Hinton about bargaining, followed by a report on mobilization, and a status report from bargaining chair, Jerry Schaeff.

bread-lines-or-picket-linesThe message was straight forward and to the point…we have a long way to go in reaching a fair agreement.  All of our major issues are still on the table and the Company refuses to come off of their retrogressive proposals. Freezing pensions (eliminating them for new hires), dismantling employment security, cost shifting health care, refusing to talk about upgrades while increasing duties, and the list goes on and on.  AT&T shows little respect for the bargaining team at the table or the thousands of members that get the job done every day.

Though time may be running out to reach an agreement before expiration; this bargaining team isn’t going anywhere until a fair agreement is reached!  With the overwhelming results of the strike vote, the team knows the membership has their back and is ready for a fight!  With each tick of the clock and every retrogressive proposal that gets passed…a fight just might be what it takes!


The weather report in most areas looks like managers should get their branded rain apparel ready!

                              AT&T, it’s time for —RESPECT IN PEOPLE

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