Apr 102015

With contract expiration looming…the Company refuses to move off their retrogressive proposals on all major issues.

  • HealthCare –massive cost shift and elimination of our current plan design
  • Pensions -freeze current pensions and eliminate for new hires, remove current age credit factor from BCB2
  • Employment Security -nationwide JOG, limits on how long you can be on ESC, eliminate pay protection
  • Appendix F -expanded duties without realistic compensation, no upgrades for dispatchers
  • Sick days -50% reduction of paid sick time, elimination of paid sick time for new hires
  • Disability –eliminate accidental disability completely, reduce max short term disability to 26 weeks at 90%

These are just the changes to the major issues!


The company is making no effort to bargain a fair deal in the Midwest.  They show no respect for the bargaining team or the 17,000 employees that work hard every day making AT&T profits; they end up throwing away on bad deals (T-Mobile $4B) and fines ($65M in legal fines).  It is almost laughable!

While the bargaining team is fighting at the table our members are mobilizing in the field in a BIG way!   Both AT&T Midwest and Legacy T voted overwhelmingly to authorize union leaders to call a strike if a fair contract can’t be reached. Today, the CWA Executive Board has approved that action.

AT&T has been put on notice:  We will continue to talk…but we are ready to walk! 

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