Apr 122015

clock-is-tickingThe bargaining committee is back at the table today continuing in their fight for a fair agreement.   Progress is being made, but make no mistake, we are still far apart on many of our major issues. Though the contract has been extended for a short period of time, until Tuesday the 14th, our members need to keep the heat turned up.  The committee reminds our members to continue showing the Company how dedicated and conscientious they are with regards to safety and quality.  Effective immediately, the bargaining committee is asking all members to institute what we will call the “TRIPLE (P) PROGRAM” simply meaning follow all




AT&T’s catchy slogan “rethink possible” should not mean rethink how to get more money in the pockets of executives on the backs of our members.  It is apparent at&t refuses to acknowledge the fact that, customer loyalty is only a result of the work our member’s do, not the catchy commercials, managers, and members of at&t’s leadership team who have never met a customer face to face

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