Apr 142015

peopleAT&T Midwest Bargaining Report 4/14  4:13AM CST

The Midwest Bargaining Team continues to negotiate with the company.  Many proposals have been passed through the night and progress is being made.  Unfortunately, as of this moment we have not reached agreements on Healthcare and Benefits, Appendix F, and Wage Treatment.

The team is working hard to bring home a fair agreement and will continue to do so through the rest of the morning.

We will continue to keep Locals informed as often as possible.  Members should make sure they remind managers they support the bargaining team 100% and are ready to do what it takes if the bargaining team calls on them!

More details as they develop.

In Solidarity,

The Bargaining Team

  4 Responses to “AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report #22”

  1. I suppose retirees will be thrown under the bus again…

  2. I truly believe we need to strike!!!they will never take us seriously until we do. I am F appendix and I am tired of getting the short end of the stick.

  3. Yes. The union is working so hard. This phrase has been used in every negotiation. I wonder how the union will screw us this time? This Union is nothing more than an arm of the extreme left democrat party. They supported Obummer, the want an exemption on his socialistic healthcare plan!. What hypocryptes!

  4. Well let’s hope there are gains, for workers of the present..
    And don’t lose anything that retirees still manage to have…
    Good luck…

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