Apr 262015

clock-is-tickingOver the past few days, members of CWA District 4 continued to hold the Company’s feet to the fire with incredible mobilization activities across all five states. The bargaining team appreciates the impressive display of support and asks members to keep it up as they continue in the fight to bring home a fair agreement.

As reported before, some major items are still out on the table.  We’ll continue to battle through these important issues (Appendix F, Health Care and Benefits, etc…) with the support of our members and leadership.  D-4 Vice President Hinton has been standing side-by-side with the bargaining team supporting them through these tough negotiations, just as the “fired- up” members are out in the field.  Solidarity will see this through!

Don’t let up with the mobilization efforts…it is what keeps things moving forward at the table!  We still control the clock and the Company knows we will do whatever it takes to get a fair agreement!


  3 Responses to “AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report #31”

  1. More Union propaganda!. This Union is worthless. Tell us how hard you work. Tell us how the union does not give back on contracts and not tell the members. Tell us how we have a contract that states,” in no case shall an employee lose wage credit and how operators covered under mandatory portability had to start at wage step one when they had twenty or more years of service. Explain this! You are a bunch of corrupt employees who sell out the membership!. Worthless!!!.you steal our money to support liberals!. Corrupt!

    • Hi, Kenny:

      Thanks for reading our site. We are bargaining the CWA District 4-AT&T Midwest contract. There are no operators left in the Midwest; is it possible you are talking about the Legacy AT&T contract bargaining? As to your “..support liberals!” comment, Local 4034 only supports candidates who care about the issues that our members and their families care about; irrespective of political party. As well, in accordance with federal law, CWA (and every US union) are barred from using dues-money for political purposes. There is a CWA political action committee which is available to those who wish to financially support candidates whom CWA believes care about working-family issues. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information on this by utilizing our “Contact Us” button at the right of your screen.

  2. kENNY….Somewhat disparaging if you are an employee…??
    To a retiree like myself….I have to question why you would want to REMAIN as a worker, under the conditions and opinions that you espouse….MAYBE YOU SHOULD QUIT..

    When we as employees, retirees, etc. become part of the problem, INSTEAD of searching for SOLUTIONS;
    Nobody WINS…
    And the Company loves to have your group, our group in that position…It shows that we are weak and don’t really believe in the goals we are attempting to achieve.

    Worst yet, to not have any faith in those that are elected, appointed to express our “wants and/or needs”..;
    To weaken their strengths by not standing shoulder to shoulder, delights the Bargainers from the Companies point of view or side…
    And I really doubt they have people in their (company) background, that are ranting about how the Company is doing a poor job; In keeping wages and benefits in check for workers, retirees, and others on our side..

    The Company is lined up “shoulder to shoulder”, we should mirror that objective..
    Years ago we stood up to be counted..
    Part of the reason, we still have some of those benefits left today.
    Over 16 years retired…Good luck to our Bargainers and Workers..

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