Apr 282015

cbahcThe Bargaining team has been spending the majority of their time painstakingly working on Healthcare and benefit proposals.  The process is complex and the bargaining team is making sure to work through every scenario and option available to deliver the best provisions at the best value.  Make no mistake; the task becomes even more challenging when the Company insists on greater cost sharing and trying to bargain now for possible changes to healthcare tax codes which may or may not even affect our plans. Ultimately, our benefit plans work hand in hand with healthcare and what will eventually be part of the final economics of the agreement.

Though it may seem we are in somewhat of a “holding pattern” at the moment, reminiscent of the end of our last round of AT&T Midwest bargaining, this is not the case.  The bargaining team continues to grind away at proposals and options available that are in the best interests of the members who elected them to be at the table. They appreciate your support and trust to bring home a fair agreement when it is reached…but not a day sooner.

The only thing that can help expedite reaching an agreement is the continued pressure of a mobilized membership!  You have been doing an incredible job with mobilization…we have to keep it up!  All of our options are still available.


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