Mar 122015

4034-logoToday in bargaining the Company made it quite clear to the committee they have no “desire” to negotiate over benefits for current retirees.  If the Company’s position makes you SICK…we’d agree!  Even worse, if the Company had it their way, you might not have a sick day to use to recover!  Yes, today the Company came after Article 18 (sick days) as well.

The appendix F sub-committee met with the company today to begin addressing issues of the three titles covered by the appendix.

Tomorrow, other subcommittees will be meeting with the Company, as well as, the entire bargaining team at the main table.

  5 Responses to “AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report #5”

  1. SIck days? We don’t have sick days!!! Let them come after it. We lost those years ago. Now we go to work sick and get everyone else sick. Just the way it is. ReRead Article 18, it is gone or full of white out

  2. I am a retiree and even though i was dropped from AT&T’s very good group ins, which by the way, after 42 1/2yrs. expected to receive just as every retiree before me , so much for loyalty. Anyway,what’s done is done. The one thing I am grateful for is that they kept my wife on the group plan, she will not be medicare qualified for 5yrs. Now I live with this little ball of FEAR in my stomach every day.that AT&T will take that away from her. One more thing, the HRA of $2700 helps a lot. I wonder when they’ll take that away too.
    Knowing now,in hind-site, I should have started that T shirt company down in Haiti 42yrs ago. I would probably be down in Belize sipping boat drinks on my 80ft yacht. I sacrificed all that for SECURITY and now I don’t even have that.

  3. Surprised you are not getting more comments, on the different Reports #1-6
    I’m wondering about the “have NO DESIRE to negotiate over benefits, for current retirees”.
    Does that mean we are totally screwed…??
    And are now going to be pissed out the window..??

    Is the HCRA going to remain at $2700 and $1500 for a spouse..(sig other that didn’t work for company).?
    And is there any talk of reductions,,,?
    Are current Workforce and Union going to fight for us at all..?
    We fought for retiree bennies when working, because one day we knew we would be retiring.
    Doesn’t anyone plan on retiring from AT&T/Bell anymore…?
    Just die on the job, is that the Plan….??

    • The curtain has been drawn. The great AT&T is no more than different than the hundreds of other super SATAN corps. that are trashing the thousands of dedicated retirees who helped build AT&T to where it is today. AT&T and the other corps. are using, get this, the affordable health care act otherwise known as OBAMACARE. Seems that AT&T lost a $600.00 a month supplement, fore each retiree, from the U.S. Gov. under the new law. That will buy a LOT of 300ft YACHTS down in Belize And also a few more MANSIONS for top Exec.’s .
      So,Terry, I can only assume that things will only get worse. Big CORP. lobbyists and your elected reps. (CON MEN) have been working incessantly, for decades,on what I call “THE POORING of AMERICA” .If you don’t believe me just Google “FOLLOW the MONEY”.
      UNIONS have not helped either. Sit back and critically think about what CWA has gotten you. I could explain the pluses & minuses of CWA’s upper management, you know they make good money & benies too, but that would take a book and I don’t have the time,if I don’t tend to my squirrel traps I won’t have any supper.

      • I only like venison any more, but if we have squirrel, not bad if pressured cook and b-b-q’ed;
        Don’t taste like chicken, it taste like heaven…With garlic toast, it’s great.

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