Mar 202015

4034-logoThe company’s need for “flexibility and cost savings” regarding every issue at the table since March 4th gives new meaning to “MARCH MADNESS”!

Negotiations continue at the AT&T Midwest bargaining table.  The bargaining team and company continue to pass proposals across the table, as well as meeting with the various subcommittees.  Topics including Appendix G, Vacations, Holidays, and many of our MOA’s within the agreement have been the recent focus at the main table.

Today, the Company responded to the Union’s ideas about health care focusing on prevention and maintenance for savings rather than cost shifting to our members.  The health care sub-committee is meeting this afternoon to further discuss the issue.

The bargaining team continues to drive the message home; “discussions about health care which only look to save the Company money by cost shifting are unacceptable.”  It’s time for them to step up to the plate and have real discussions about the future of healthcare for our members.

MOBILIZATION:  Locals are doing a great job with their mobilizations.  Every opportunity should be taken to let management know that the membership is 100% behind their bargaining committee.


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  1. A Union should be just that, a union of all unions. Until there is an actual labor party in Congress this labor vs. management is just a shell and pea game. I have been through these “Ground Hog Day” contract negotiation fiasco’s for 42&1/2yrs. it is always “One Step UP and Two steps Back”.

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