May 142015

Theyou are the union Bargaining team is currently working on materials for the contract explanation meeting for Local Presidents which will be held on Tuesday, May 19th at 10:00 AM CST.

The following is a short summary of highlights from the tentative agreement.

  • General Wage Increase of 8.25% for all titles covered in the Midwest agreement over the life of the agreement.
  • 1% increase in each year of the agreement to Pension Bands, maintained BCB2 Pension plan for existing employees and new hires.
  • SSP Payments will now be cash payouts.
  • Maintained Traditional Health Care Plan with only 1% cost share shifting each year of the agreement. A new, low premium, health care option is available to all employees beginning in 2016. The new plan with higher deductibles but significantly lower monthly premiums may be a good option for individuals or families that have low usage. The plan has the same benefits and networks with a different cost structure. The original plan and pricing structure remains available as well.
  •  Introduction of a new Vision Plan with higher benefit levels than the previous standard plan. The significantly higher benefit levels in this plan will provide better value than the former AT&T Vision Plus Plan at much lower premiums.
  • Article 26 and all associated MOA’s were protected and includes further improvements.
  • No changes to AT&T Midwest Disability Benefits Program for current employees.
  • Appendix F adds nine (9) core contract provisions including full access to the AT&T Non-management Staffing Process and National Transfer Plan, a reduction in overtime cap down to 14 hours and new language for crediting time not worked towards overtime calculation.
  • Additional wage increases for Dispatchers and Premises Technicians preceding the GWI.
  • Appendix G will now have full access to the AT&T Non-management Staffing Process and National Transfer Plan.

  2 Responses to “AT&T Midwest Bargaining Retort #37 – Supplemental”

  1. Looks like there’s nothing for retirees….

  2. Still wondering if that 1% annual “shifting of cost” of Healthcare, pertains to Retirees also…?
    Higher deductibles, but lower monthly rates certainly won’t pertain to retirees?
    Because of normally more Doctor visits or Prescriptions…
    Waiting to see what we get in the package this Fall for enrollment criteria….
    Wonder if we are going to get bent over…??

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