Nov 052012

As a result of ongoing discussions surrounding retiree benefits, annual enrollment for retirees will be extended until November 30, 2012. In addition, another postcard, or an e-mail if that was the retiree’s preference, will be sent to all retirees informing them of the zero premium option as well as letting them know that even if they have already submitted their enrollment for 2013 they will be able to change their selections before November 30th. 

The postcards will be mailed between November 5th and 12th. This should help resolve some of the confusion we have experienced as a result of the increases in premiums and retirees being unaware that there were lower cost options available to them.

This option may not be the right choice for everyone so they should still be encouraged to contact the Enrollment Hotline number listed on their enrollment material to discuss their personal situation.

The enrollment center may be reached by clicking here or by calling 877-722-0020.

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