Jul 022015
sat-tvWe have been notified that the Company plans to roll out a training schedule for the DirecTV product.  This is a nationwide roll-out and all districts are being notified. We understand that, in all areas except the Midwest, training will begin next week and in the Midwest probably a week later.  Locals in the other districts are being covered today and we believe Locals in the Midwest will be covered next Monday.  As you know, the deal with AT&T and DirecTV is not complete yet so we are still limited on information.
The issue has been referred to CWA National President Shelton since this is nationwide. The Company informed CWA that it plans a pretty aggressive training schedule, with 750 being trained per week around the country. We have no information on numbers and locations in District 4 but the Company most likely will share those details with Locals as they cover them. We have told the Company they should offer training by volunteers and seniority but, so far, have no agreements on anything yet. We are asking all members to let the Company know that any training offered on DirecTV should be by seniority and by volunteer. If this is not the case, or your manager seems to be acting otherwise, please involve a steward immediately.

  2 Responses to “AT&T Training For DirectTV Work”

  1. As far as I knew there was no agreement in our ta or newly ratified contract covering any job responsibilities or any mention of delivering directv products to customers. Actually just the opposite, as the company refused to discuss anything involving deals not yet finalized during discussions. Not to mention definitely no compensation package covering any of the additional workload that today 2 to 3 technicians currently do. I for one am solely disgusted by the fact our elected officials are turning a blind eye to this whole situation and just sitting by idle while this company continues to drive appendix f into the ground completely. If this is what me as a senior tech and future ones have to expect and look forward to then I would be more than willing to resign my union card and membership and push for AT&T to look toward non union in this district since we are getting little to no representation anyway. May as well save the money on dues and cut all losses that it apparantly has been to date.

    another overworked&unprotected member

  2. Hope.we get better pay and remove all of us from.appendix E

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