Dec 082013

Michigan Active And Retired Members…

Call to action!

This will take all of us!!

We are looking to generate phone calls and emails to Michigan State House of Representative members who will be debating changes which would allowing telco’ to shut off traditional voice lines throughout MI within the next few years. As you all know these lines are important to us as workers and retirees.

We urge you begin to call and/or email your State House Rep on Monday, December 9th and let them know that you oppose Senate Bill 636(SB636). Below is some suggested language:

“As a citizen, I am concerned about the affects the proposed changes to the Michigan Telecommunications Act in SB636 will have on consumers, especially in rural areas.”


“As a citizen, I am concerned that proposed changes to the Michigan Telecommunications Act in SB636 will result in fewer telco providers and negatively affect the reliability of service everywhere”

We ask that you continue to contact your State Representatives throughout Monday and into Tuesday morning prior to Session beginning. There is a Energy and Technology and Committee Meeting that will discuss SB636 prior to the afternoon Session on Tuesday, December 10th.

 Click here to get your Representative’s contact info.

We will continue to send out information as it becomes available, below are a list of Representatives that serve on the Energy and Technology Committee and are located within the geography that many our Local members work and live.

Energy and Technology Committee (not a complete list)

Aric Nesbitt (R) Committee Chair, 66th District (517) 373-0839

Mike Shirkey (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 65th District (517) 373-1775

Ray Franz (R) 101st District (517) 373-0825

Rick Outman (R) 70th District (517) 373-0834

Amanda Price (R) 89th District (517) 373-0838

Click here to read a summary of the changes to the Michigan Telecommunications Act that will be caused by passage of SB636

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