May 012015

stubbornEfforts made by the bargaining team to reach an agreement yesterday further exposed the Company’s unreasonable and uncompromising attitude. Therefore, the bargaining team will continue to fight back, with the support of our membership, and hold the line for a fair agreement.

Today, our leadership and bargaining team will be holding a call with Local presidents to determine our next steps.

Locals should keep the heat turned up and demand the Company bargain a fair agreement!  We will not back down!

Stand in solidarity; stay mobilized and ready to roll!

More to follow…

Apr 282015

cbahcThe Bargaining team has been spending the majority of their time painstakingly working on Healthcare and benefit proposals.  The process is complex and the bargaining team is making sure to work through every scenario and option available to deliver the best provisions at the best value.  Make no mistake; the task becomes even more challenging when the Company insists on greater cost sharing and trying to bargain now for possible changes to healthcare tax codes which may or may not even affect our plans. Ultimately, our benefit plans work hand in hand with healthcare and what will eventually be part of the final economics of the agreement.

Though it may seem we are in somewhat of a “holding pattern” at the moment, reminiscent of the end of our last round of AT&T Midwest bargaining, this is not the case.  The bargaining team continues to grind away at proposals and options available that are in the best interests of the members who elected them to be at the table. They appreciate your support and trust to bring home a fair agreement when it is reached…but not a day sooner.

The only thing that can help expedite reaching an agreement is the continued pressure of a mobilized membership!  You have been doing an incredible job with mobilization…we have to keep it up!  All of our options are still available.


Apr 262015

clock-is-tickingOver the past few days, members of CWA District 4 continued to hold the Company’s feet to the fire with incredible mobilization activities across all five states. The bargaining team appreciates the impressive display of support and asks members to keep it up as they continue in the fight to bring home a fair agreement.

As reported before, some major items are still out on the table.  We’ll continue to battle through these important issues (Appendix F, Health Care and Benefits, etc…) with the support of our members and leadership.  D-4 Vice President Hinton has been standing side-by-side with the bargaining team supporting them through these tough negotiations, just as the “fired- up” members are out in the field.  Solidarity will see this through!

Don’t let up with the mobilization efforts…it is what keeps things moving forward at the table!  We still control the clock and the Company knows we will do whatever it takes to get a fair agreement!


Apr 222015

RosieTheRiveter_RosieThere have been few new developments over the past two days.  A handful of major issues are still out there and the bargaining team is working through each of them.

  • Healthcare and Benefits
  • Sick Time
  • Appendix F
  • Wages

Each of the issues left out there are all about the quality of life in the workplace and out of the workplace.  AT&T can afford to be an industry leader while still showing Respect In People rather than joining the corporate “race to the bottom” in their pursuit for even more profits.

As you may have heard, CWA members will be attending the AT&T Shareholders Meeting in Spokane, Washington this Friday.   They’ll be taking the Midwest and Legacy T fights straight to the Executives and shareholders.  So while they’re pushing on the decision makers from Dallas, let’s make sure the message is heard loud and clear in the workplace on Friday as well.

Don’t let up, stay mobilized!

The picture in today’s bargaining report is to honor and commemorate the death of former telephone operator Mary Doyle Keefe, who passed away today at the age of 92. From the Vermont Women’s History Project:

Mary Doyle Keefe posed for Norman Rockwell’s painting, ‘Rosie the Riveter,’ which appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post on May 29, 1943. Keefe lived with her family in Arlington, Vermont and worked as a telephone operator. Norman Rockwell came to pay his telephone bill one day and asked Keefe if she would sit for a picture. She was photographed by Gene Pelham and then Norman Rockwell cut out what he wanted from the photos. Keefe sat for him twice and was paid $10 for her work. On the first day, she wore a white blouse beneath her overalls and a pair of saddle shoes. Rockwell wanted something different though, so she posed again with a blue blouse and penny loafers. The painting of Keefe first appeared on May 29, 1943 on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. It was also used to promote the purchase of war bonds. Known as ‘Rosie the Riveter,’ the painting represented the “can-do attitude of American women whose work helped win the war. It is arguably among the most recognizable images of World War II and transformed Keefe from a small-town switchboard operator into an American icon.” The painting displays Keefe with a muscular physique, which shocked her the first time she saw it. Rockwell later apologized to Keefe for enlarging her so substantially. After becoming famous as Rosie the Riveter, Keefe attended college, became a dental hygienist, got married and had four children. ‘Rosie the Riveter’ was auctioned off by Sothebys in 2002 for $4.9 million; the highest ever paid at auction for a Rockwell painting.

Apr 212015


Active members and retirees, join us Wednesday April 22 for an informational picket at the Grand Rapids Alpine location. We will be picketing from 6:30-9:00 AM. We’ll bring the signs, you bring the unity! Click the picture below for directions. Solidarity!


Apr 202015

website-under-constructionTalks continued today between the parties and progress is still being made.  The major issues left at the table are Appendix F and economics (pensions, healthcare benefits, and wages).  We still have a long way to go!

Though the bargaining team has been away from home and at the table every day since March 2nd their resolve hasn’t diminished.  They’ll continue to fight for a fair agreement as long as it takes and appreciates the support the membership has given them.

Don’t let up, stay mobilized! 

Apr 182015

Today4034-logo was a much more productive day at the bargaining table.

Your bargaining team was able to secure all provisions of the ESC and EEOP, retained current contract language for required overtime (core), common attendance policies, successorship, and other important articles of the agreement.

The team further held its ground and improved vacation availability for our Home Solutions Centers and achieved some improvements for members covered under Appendix G. Positive strides were made on the benefits front today as well.

The appendix F committee will be working on counter-proposals to the company’s last, which will be the main focus when the team returns to the table.

Though progress is being made…do not let up on the pressure.  Stay mobilized!


Apr 182015

Same-Old-IdeasThe Company had no proposals for the bargaining team and spent the better part of yesterday away from the table.

There are many important issues left out there and the bargaining team is fully prepared to address each of them…it’s up to the Company to make that happen.  Hopefully today there will be some movement.

The majority of the outstanding issues could be resolved if the Company would come off of their retrogressive proposals and retain current contract language.  The team has made it abundantly clear; we will not retreat from current contract language!

The team will keep the heat on at the table; the members should keep the heat up in the field!

We’ll let you know what transpires today!

Apr 172015

you are the unionAll week, our brothers and sisters at CWA Local 4034 have been coming in to work early, on their days off, and even taking vacation days to join informational picket-lines. This is exactly what is needed! Managers are required to report on how many of us show up to these job actions, such as how informational pickets and rallies; or, whether a large portion are wearing red on Thursdays. We are working without a contract; this means that we could strike at any time. We know management had a Terrifying Tuesday, when they thought we would walk at noon; they now must live without knowing when the shoe will drop. (By the way, if a manager tells you that you must bring the truck back to the garage in the event a strike is called, this is false. You should call BS and let the manager know that that is just his fear talking!)

We have one goal: To show AT&T that we are serious, and that we expect our bargaining team to be taken seriously. Here is our message to AT&T: No talk, we walk!

Check out these hard-core Union members!

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