Mar 182015


[Editor note: Changed title spelling from “Where” to “Wear” — damn you auto-correct!]

In 1989, CWA Local 1400 along with our union brothers and sisters in New York were on strike.  One of the New York members from CWA Local 1103 walking the picket line was Chief Union Steward, E. Gerald Horgan. 24 years ago on August 15th, Gerry Horgan was killed from injuries he sustained when he was run down by a “scab” as he walked a picket line while striking for health care benefits. The driver of the vehicle which killed him was a manager’s daughter acting as a “scab” during the strike. As she approached the picket line, she accidentally accelerated her vehicle, and struck Gerry Horgan.  Continue reading »

Jan 232013

Today CWA 4034 Administrative Assistant Brian Hooker filed an unfair labor practice (ULP) against the Grand Rapids Uverse management team in Grand Rapids. As many will recall, back in October of last year hundreds of Premise Technicians in Michigan participated in a spontaneous work-stoppage to protest what they perceived to be bad-faith bargaining on the part of AT&T.

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Jan 232013
[Editor’s note: Below is an editorial written by then Uverse Chief Steward Brian Hooker for the Local newsletter back in June of 2010. It becomes timely again as we fight to defend Prem Techs from unfair labor practices]

planet-of-apesIt has become evident that, since ratification of our contract, we have entered a sort of time-warp. Not the fun kind we see in the movies, where Bill and Ted have an excellent adventure; but, a movie more like Planet of the Apes, where the protagonist wakes up to find a world over-run by mutant monkeys with a penchant for biting the hand that fed them. (Spoiler alert!) In the movie, the protagonist discovers that the apes, who can talk, are in control and are divided into a strict class system. Humans, who cannot talk, are considered feral vermin and are hunted and either killed outright (terminated), enslaved for manual labor (no explanation needed) or used for scientific experimentation (MSOC).

Do I need to say who the monkeys are and the humans are? Continue reading »

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