Sep 122014

Over two dozen volunteers from Local 4034 accompanied by some AT&T management volunteers joined more than 1,300 other community volunteers for the 2014 United Way Day of Caring. They worked in their communities on a variety of projects such as community clean-up, assisting the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and many other worthy projects around the Grand Rapids area.

Our Local has long been known as the “Community-minded Union” and our members have never failed to step up when asked — in fact they rarely wait to be asked! Over the next few weeks, the Local chairperson of our Community Services Committee, Lynette Hooker, will be visiting AT&T locations to ask our members help in providing more help to our Local communities. Our Local partners with United Way in part due to their practice of putting local donations right back in to the local communities; so members can be assured that their money is being used to help others right in their hometowns.

If you are present in one of the meetings in your office or bull-room when Lynette makes “the ask” please consider putting your money towards the United Way! Thanks once again to our many volunteers both craft and management, active and retired.

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