Dec 092016


AT&T workers in CWA District 9 (California & Nevada) have been working months without a contract while trying to get AT&T to bargain fairly. So far, progress has been painfully slow and it has been hard to get AT&T to respond to the Union’s demands (sound familiar?). CWA District 9 asks that you take a look at their request (edited for clarity and emphasis):

Good Day All and Happy Holidays!

AT&T West Labor Relations has approached the Union Bargaining Team about bringing on Out of State Loaners to start working in California and Nevada Jan 3, 2017 through March 31, 2017. We have told the company NO.
We don’t want loaners out here while we are working without a contract. The District 9 Locals are opposed to having loaners come out; and it would cause us problems while we are trying to bargain a fair contract.
We wanted to let you know ahead of time because we think the Company is going to force the issue. We’ll let you know if this happens. We are asking all members in all Districts to support our decision and discourage your fellow members from coming out here if asked.
The Loaners will be requested from the Midwest and the Southwest. we are not sure if any other areas will be canvassed.

Thank you and we will keep you informed.

In Unity,
CWA District 9

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