Feb 122013

With 30.5% of eligible voters casting ballots the Election Committee finds these results to be true and accurate.

*Note: The winners are printed in bold type.




Shelly Lubbinge, CWA Local 4034
Election Committee Chairperson



Ralph Prince/94
Anthony Kloska/80
Write In: John Lowis/1
Void Ballot/1

Lead Steward Positions

 C&E/EWO & Layout

Celeste Davis/Won by Acclamation

Design Records

Sue Bielecki/Won by Acclamation

I&R @ 36th Street

Ben Scheid/Won by Acclamation

Construction/Mechanics/DEG & First Mile @ 36th Street

Jubentino Casarez/Won by Acclamation

U-Verse @ Grand Rapids

Dionje Evans/8
Bob Moyer/Declined
Rick Balsitis/21

Construction/DEG/First Mile/Mechanics & Supply @ Alpine

John Root/11
Avery Gingerich/4

I&R @ Alpine

Dan Quick/Won by Acclmation

Grand Rapids Area Switching/114 N. Division All Departments

Mike Maloney/Won by Acclamation

I&R/Switching@Hastings Area

Anthony Engler/Won by Acclamation

I&R@North Valley  (Newaygo, Cedar Springs & Big Rapids)

Jim Root/Won by Acclamation


Tom Strach/Won by Acclamation

I&R/DEG @ St. Joe Garage

John Kotcher/Won by Acclamation

U-Verse @ St. Joe Garage

Tony Idhe/Won by Acclamation

Construction @ Hazel Street Garage

Terry Taylor/Won by Acclamation

I&R@Jackson Garage

Rick Arnold/Won by Acclamation

Howell (All Departments)

Phil Martin/Won by Acclamation

Lansing/Jackson/Howell Area Switching

Sonya Sackrider/Won by Acclamation

Convention Delegates: Ranking

Brian Hooker/134 #1
Charles Johnson/91 #2
Chad Soper/71 #3
Lynette Hooker/55 #4
Anthony Kloska/54 #5
Brad Buehler/43 #6
Carrie McFarland/38 #7

Write Ins: Terry Taylor/1, Phil Martin/1, Kevin Lane/1, Troy Cooper/1, Jeff Byrnes/1, John Root/1, John Lowis/1


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