Apr 172015

you are the unionAll week, our brothers and sisters at CWA Local 4034 have been coming in to work early, on their days off, and even taking vacation days to join informational picket-lines. This is exactly what is needed! Managers are required to report on how many of us show up to these job actions, such as how informational pickets and rallies; or, whether a large portion are wearing red on Thursdays. We are working without a contract; this means that we could strike at any time. We know management had a Terrifying Tuesday, when they thought we would walk at noon; they now must live without knowing when the shoe will drop. (By the way, if a manager tells you that you must bring the truck back to the garage in the event a strike is called, this is false. You should call BS and let the manager know that that is just his fear talking!)

We have one goal: To show AT&T that we are serious, and that we expect our bargaining team to be taken seriously. Here is our message to AT&T: No talk, we walk!

Check out these hard-core Union members!

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