Apr 132015

4034-logoDear Local 4034 Member,

As you are aware our contract with AT&T was extended until 12 noon, EST on Tuesday, April 14th.
In the event that a strike is called, the company will use that specific time to consider every bargained for employee as involved in the strike.
This means that many of us will have to leave our currents calls and jobs unfinished.  If you are in a garage location or work-center, please immediately cease working and join the picket line at your location. If you are in a truck, you should inform the customer that AT&T has undertaken actions that do not allow you to continue working, and depart the premises. At that time, you may return to the nearest Company location, such as a central office or garage, or simply park the Company truck SAFELY, with cones out, and lock the keys in the truck. Call the Union Hall and we will arrange for transportation back to your vehicle, if needed. The Company will code all employees as unpaid, “On Strike” time from the moment the strike is called. (This code, while unpaid, is non-disciplinary.)
Although, this is different from the type of customer service we commit ourselves to on a daily basis, we realize that it is AT&T that is making this decision by not negotiating over the issues that we have identified as important.
All personal items should be removed from the work site, desks, lockers and vehicles today, as there may be limited to no access to these items as we walk off the job from what ever location we happen to be at.
We hope that progress will be made at the table over the next 24 hours, but are prepared to do what it takes to get a fair contract!
In Solidarity,

Ryan R Letts – President
CWA Local 4034

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