Dec 092013
Michigan Legislature Wants To Allow AT&T To Cut The Cord!

Michigan Legislature Wants To Allow AT&T To Cut The Cord!

Last week the Michigan Senate passed out of committee and pushed through the whole Senate SB 636. In this process they allowed limited debate in committee, giving supporters of the bill plenty of time to make their case, while allowing little to no time for those that oppose this bill. The bill is scheduled for the House Tuesday December 10, and we need your help to stop it!

Tell the Michigan House no to SB 636!

Michigan Telecom Giants are attempting to be allowed to discontinue local landline service and be released from having any State oversight for consumers of their product, ending the oversight role of the Michigan Public Service Commission where consumers go for help. While this bill hurts all telecommunication consumers, it would effect our Seniors, Disabled, Rural communities and low income residents, in the worst ways possible. We have all heard the ad’s “I’ve fell and I can’t get up” well Seniors and the disabled use this service to be able to stay in their homes, it is only available from traditional landline service, this will be in jeopardy of ending. Rural communities do not all have access to Voip services and cell service is never reliable. People that oppose this bill are the Communication Workers of America Union, AARP and even Attorney General Bill Schuette has issues with it, along with many other Consumer rights advocates and organizations.

 Please help by clicking the link below!

 Tell the Michigan House no to SB 636!

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  2 Responses to “Is Your Cell-Service Good Enough To End Landline Service In Michigan?”

  1. Not in northern mi and the u.p. a or if spots that still don’t get cell service enough to be without a landline.

    • Our concern, Cassandra, is that AT&T is looking to abandon those areas. They are spending money on politicians to do just that. It is not too late to contact your House representative at the link in the article.

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