Mar 052013

Corporate mergers often benefit CEOs and wealthy shareholders at the expense of workers. But when mergers need government approval, regulators can make sure that workers and consumers are protected.

Today, there are thousands of American jobs on the line in the proposed T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger, and we don’t have long to speak up and make sure regulators protect them.

Sign our petition, and tell the Federal Communications Commission to make sure that T-Mobile workers aren’t victims of the merger. 

Help Save T-Mobile Workers' Jobs

Our country’s economic recovery is fragile. Too often, mergers like the one being proposed between T-Mobile and MetroPCS result in job losses that weaken local businesses and reduce funding for schools and public services. Customers who rely on quality service from trained and experienced employees are left with nowhere to turn.

It doesn’t have to be this way. FCC Chair Julius Genachowski and the other commissioners are reviewing the T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger plans right now. They have the power to prevent layoffs as part of the merger agreement. But they won’t act if they don’t hear from us.

Corporations are spending millions of dollars on lobbyists and lawyers to make sure that their concerns about the merger are addressed. Will you take two minutes to sign the petition to make sure that the workers’ concerns aren’t forgotten? 

Let’s make sure that the FCC gets the message – we must all work together to support good jobs and strong communities.

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