Dec 182012

We are informed that an additional $372 has been deposited into active hra-imageemployees’ Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA’s). As with the Flexible Spending Account (FSA), the HRA can be accessed by going to and signing in (if this is the first time using this benefit, you must register a new account first).

This money brings to a total of $1695 for the year as our bargained-for Success Share Plan (SSP), $1323 of which was distributed earlier this year after ratification of the Tentative Agreement. These monies are for eligible employees as defined in the contract:

  • The award year for this year’s pay-out is from October 3, 2011 through September 28, 2012.
  • Employees must have been on payroll (i.e. not on disability and were hired-in by) at the beginning- and end-dates* (October 3, 2011 & September 28, 2012); and,
  • Employees must have worked a minimum of three months during the award year

As always, if there are questions please call the Hall and ask to speak to your benefit rep.


*Eligible employees who are on approved leaves of absence or short-term disability absence and meet the other eligibility requirements on the ending date of the award year shall receive a contribution, provided they return to duty on or before December 31 of the year in which the contribution is made.

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