Jul 162015
att-dtvLast week CWA International President Chris Shelton hosted a conference call with all Districts and CWA General Counsel Jody Calemine to discuss the announcement by AT&T of our Premises Technicians installing DirecTV services. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that CWA Headquarters will prepare a detailed information request pertaining to the announcement. Attorney Calemine will review all AT&T labor agreements to see what type of leverage we have to enter into bargaining over working outside the job description and a potential wage increase. During this discussion, it was learned that CWA District 9 (California, Nevada and Hawaii) did negotiate additional pay for their Premises Technicians that included installation of DirecTV.
We will keep you updated on this important issue as we obtain more information. Please share with your fellow members; we may need to mobilize as in bargaining to get AT&T to move on this issue.

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  1. Isn’t it nice that districts do things that the national is not aware of. The ongoing problem of a lack of communication between districts and between districts and the national is what is allowing at&t to divide and conquer. Sitting Bull said: ” As individual fingers we can easily be broken, but together we make a mighty fist.” If CWA leadership does not get on the ball at&t will succeed in achieving it’s ultimate goal of busting the union. Not today, not tomorrow but down the line. At&t has a long term plan…does the CWA? Oh yeah did you know that District 9 also negotiated a 3 tier contract last time around? Nice

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