Sep 172016

read-your-contractIt is the contractual right of our members at AT&T to apply to voluntarily separate from the Company and, if meeting certain conditions, receive a sum of money in addition to any any accrued vacation or retirement benefit. This program, called theĀ VSIPP (Voluntary Supplemental Income Protection Program), can provide a sum to a bargained-for employee, based on their seniority, of up to $33,000. This benefit is typically used by employees who are already planning to leave the business, for example coincident with retirement or other voluntary separation. All that is necessary to get on the “show of interest” list for this program is to fill out the form, linked below. As well, when this benefit coincides with a potential surplus situation, as determined by AT&T, then the list of all the people who have shown an interest in the VSIPP will be pulled and in certain circumstances all of those members asked if they would like to invoke this benefit (strictly voluntarily) in order to leave payroll and offer their position to a sister or brother who may end up surplussed within their FAA’s (Force Adjustment Areas) orĀ Market Business Units (MBU’s). Continue reading »

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