Jan 082013

As we all know, the Company has the contractual ability to require up to 12 hours of overtime in a given week for four months of the year. The remaining weeks, the Company can only require 9 hours per week. New to the contract this year are three states that previously had no limits on forced overtime: Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana (Ohio has no mandatory overtime requirement). Because of this, the document now lists work-groups and months for all four states. For our active Local members, be sure that you are looking at Michigan departments.

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2013 ATT-Midwest Mandatory Overtime
2013 ATT-Midwest Mandatory Overtime
2013 ATT-Midwest Mandatory Overtime.pdf
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Mandatory OvertimeThe above is based on Memorandum of Agreement A18 on page 133 of the contract. Overtime for the Premise Technicians and Dispatchers in the Uverse organization is governed under Appendix F in the contract. For the first time ever, overtime for these members is capped at 17 hours per week. In previous agreements, the Union had been unable to secure a cap on forced overtime; a situation that the Company abused to the point where Premise Technicians, forced to multiple consecutive  70-hour work-weeks began pulling job-actions to get some relief. Through their actions, and with some tough negotiating, the Union was able to secure this cap, which we hope to improve in future contracts.

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