Jan 242013
Incompetence - despair.com

Incompetence – despair.com

The Company has started calling VSIPP candidates and making irrevocable offers to leave payroll to help save a job for someone caught up in the surplus declared last November 16. That all sounds good, except the Company pulled a list of VSIPP candidates on November 27th! Under Article 26 of our contract, the Company could not begin to match VSIPP candidates to hopeful surplus members until January 2 of this year; so, we are not sure why the Company arbitrarily picked such an early date to close the VSIPP list. This means that all our members that sent in their VSIPP form after November 27th did not get consideration; they are not on the VSIPP list to be called for this current surplus. So these members who wanted to take a VSIPP for $33,000 and in the process save a job for someone facing surplus are being left out.

What Can You Do?

If you are such a member, we are trying to help you but we need you to contact the Hall and let us know when you faxed in the form. We also need the fax-confirmation if you have it. This is time-sensitive as the Company is making offers for VSIPP now and closing them next Monday at 5:00 pm (Central Time).

Perhaps, for the future, every member in the Midwest should have a VSIPP form filled out in case the Company randomly pulls lists on arbitrary dates. Then Staffing can call every member on the list when they have a surplus.

  2 Responses to “While Attempting To Accomplish Simple Task, AT&T Mishandles VSIPP”

  1. Are Vsipp persons able to get unemployment after taking a Vsipp offer.

    • DJ:

      That depends on the unemployment laws and rules of the state in which you reside. We have heard from some retirees that they have been able to receive unemployment after receiving VSIPP, but that is anecdotal. The best answer is right from the source, assuming you are retiring in Michigan, this link will take you to Michigan unemployment insurance agency: http://www.michigan.gov/uia

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