Nov 192012

The holidays are here. But rather than coming together in the collaborative spirit of the season, the state legislature is using their lame duck session to attack working people.

Right to Work for Less legislation is likely to move through the legislature after Thanksgiving, and lawmakers are hoping that working families will be too distracted by the season to notice.

Your state legislators need to hear from you. Click here to send an email. 

Each person that benefits directly from union representation should pay their fair share of the cost of that representation − plain and simple. There is ample economic evidence that so-called Right to Work states actually fare worse than states where workers have the freedom to form strong unions.

Send a message now, before the legislature returns to Lansing on November 27. Tell them that now is not the time for divisive politics, and that attacking the voice of workers on the job is wrong.

There is no time to lose. Speak up immediately and stay vigilant in case further action is needed.

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